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Published on Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Top 10 exciting rides of Adventure Island

Extending over 62 acres of area, the superlative amusement park in Delhi will fulfill all your adventure requirements. The park has been designed by globally hailed design architects and consultants that include Forrec Canada and Electrosonic USA, among others. It abided by all safety standards and norms.
Situated in Rohini, this amusement park is excellently connected to every part of Delhi by way of the Delhi Metro.
The name of this amusement park is Adventure Island and it offers quite a few rides for grownups and the little ones.

Sorts of Rides

It is fact that people can relish the attractiveness of the Lagoon, enjoy the diverse sorts of cuisines and amble at the Metro Walk. However, the prime lures of Adventure Island are the high-quality and technologically sophisticated rides that include Side Winter, Sky Riders, Z-Force, Flip Out, Lightning Bolt, Space Jump, Twister, Wild Wheel, and Climbing Wall.

Rides for grown-ups

The thrilling rides that we discuss next are the prime attractions of this park and the reason behind male grown-ups loving this park, just as children do.


This ride will send chills down the spine of the most daring. This is an almost vertical and very speedy whirl and tosses in the air.


Get on board this for a spine-tingling experience! You are going to be turned on your head and quivered from a side to another. However, you are going to enjoy every moment that you’re on the ride.


If you have ever wished to get to the skies, this ride offers you the chance to do so. However, you must be all set for a mighty fall also!

Wild Wheel

This the archetypal bumper cars that all amusement parks require for making them complete! You are unable to leave the scene without trying this out.

Sky Riders

This is the chance of becoming the air pilot that you have always had dreamed of since you were a child. This fast-paced ride is going to render you dazed with delight!

Flip Out

This ride of the apt name is going to make you a smoothie as it makes the world of yours go round and round. There is safety advice for everyone who would like to ride this. It is that they must not have a smoothie ahead of boarding this.

For the family

For all of you who want a more soft experience, and nothing that’s going to make you shriek, the rides that we discuss below are going to be ideal for you.

Derby Devils

This lets you be a driver. Even those who don’t have a license can enjoy this experience! These enjoyable little cars that have a cowboy theme are going to let your Rodeo side run wild.

Bush buggies and Tiny TV Transit

Enjoy a picturesque view of attractive gardens even as you take a seat in an adorable toy train or a bite-sized buggie.

For water babies

How can an amusement park be complete without a range of water rides? This is your chance for getting wet and wild here.

Splash Down

This is a roller coaster ride with a water theme that is going to present you with an enormous Splash of water as well as an adrenaline rush.

Swan Boat

These boats that have swan shapes are going to cruise down the length of the pool, making it an enjoyable ride for both children and adults.
The metro station that is the nearest to the amusement park isRithala. So, that is it for you! Don’t you think that it really is an experience worth enjoying for all and sundry? Reserve your tickets to this amusement park in Rohini today.

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