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Published on Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Why do you need to visit Adventure Island at least once in your life?

An Amusement Park is among the attractions that many would want to visit during a vacation. If you are in happen to be in Delhi there is a good Amusement Park that you can go over to. What is the point of going too far when something so great is there in your own locality?
This place in Delhi is located in Sector-10 Rohini in the vicinity of the Rithala Metro Station.
The name of the place is Adventure Island. Those who have been to this place will tell you that everyone should visit this place at least once.
Those who drive down to this place can park their car in the parking. The parking fee that is charged is just Rs 25. The Parking Ticket counters resemble Toll-Tax booths. Rohini Amusement Park covers over 62 acres of land in North West Delhi. Within the premise areMetrowalk, which is a shopping mall and Adventure Island, as well as a water park.
This is the outcome of Unitech’s50% partnership with International Amusement Ltd. Tourists turn up from Gurgaon and South Delhi also.
Following the entry, the first place’s metro Walk Mall.” This shopping Mall happened to be the first of an “Open mall” in the city. Taking a stroll in any mall is awesome. Adventure Island’s entry fee is Rs 450 and RS 400 for adults and kids…Despite the whole area being open the place is well maintained.
Night view of the lagoon
This truly an island! This is a synthetic island that has a “lagoon” on all its sides and this lagoon divides the isle from the “Metro Walk Mall zone.” Thus, you pass the bridge for enteringAdventurama! It is likely that you are going to remain there from the start right till the finish! If possible, Going on a weekday would be great. The reason is that you can enjoy every one of the rides several times.
This park features approximately 26 rides as well as attractions. All of the rides in the park are brought in from the contractor who provides for the worldwide amusement parks. The water park features several rides. You can also avail of the Family Pass option. With this pass, you get several privileges that include a welcome drink, exclusive offers on the Merchandises, and Rides that includeSpalsh Dunk, Twister, and more.
There’re several rides. Those that are certain to send chills down your spine are SideWinder and Twister. Wind Winder has a circular form and is an adorable model of a machine. It’s mean and business-like, whirling and flinging all at once. It will whirl and toss you in the air, nearly vertical and so fast that you are going to be astonished the experience is awesome.
The next stomach turner is Twister. It twists you around chaotic. All the two rows of people are in for a bumpy ride. They will be upturned 360 degrees in a gentle followed by a really fast motion.

The water zone is another excellent area here.
The mall has a retail environment that covers 2.21 lakh sq. ft. It’s attached to the park. It features an enjoyable and instinctiveretail mix & convenience shopping choices. Overall, there’re 78 retail shops that include eating joints. You can enjoy 18 rides here that include Cyclone, Bush Buggies, Space Jump, Flip Out, Fire Brigade, Z Force, Wild Wheels, Derby Devils, Sidewinder, and Lighting Bolt.

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