Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Sunday, December 12th, 2021

How to Live a Fashionable Life to Look Smart and Modern?

Fashionable Life– In the 21st era, any individual without fashion seems like a car without fuel. Doing style is not bad. At a certain point in time, we all need some manner in our Life. Fashion will help us gain confidence in modern Life and look smart. 

What are the fashion tips to look smart and stylish?

Fashionable Life
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We all like to look fashionable and intelligent. Many of us don’t have much knowledge regarding it. So, we will state everything about fashion tips, which will help you remain a showstopper.

●    Wear fittings clothes: Whether you are skinny or chubby doesn’t matter. You should always wear fittings clothes. Some people believe that if we wear loose clothes, their figures will not be visualized. It is wrong thinking. We are not telling you to wear the right fittings, which will make you feel uncomfortable. But fittings clothes will make you look bright and elegant. 

●    Create your style: Nothing is more remarkable than cresting your style in modern Life. It would help if you created your signature style to follow you. For example, you can wear a saree with tops. It will be your signature style. Everybody wears a saree with a blouse. Create something new.

●    Fancy jewellery: It is always said that jewellery goes with every dress. However, you can wear jhumka and other big earrings with your attire. Whether you wear eastern or western, you should carry yourself fancy jewellery. You will look fabulous in it.

●    Play with different colours: Wear other and colourful dresses. We believe that we should wear light coloured dresses as we are ageing. Remember, age is just a number. You should use different colours of dresses. Mix and match with different colours. For example, if you wear a red skirt, try wearing a white top. White and red is a deadly combination. It will look good.

●    Add a nice belt: Nowadays, adding a belt to your waist is very much in fashion. You can carry the strap with western as well as eastern dresses. So, you can do one thing. Whenever you are wearing jeans, wear a belt at your waist. It will give fittings to your jeans as well as it will create your new style. You can also wear it with your saree. Nowadays everybody likes to wear a saree with a belt.

●    Nice make up: You should also concentrate on your makeup. It is not like that you will wear party make up every time. All-time high makeup doesn’t suit every occasion. So, do makeup according to the event. You should only apply eyeliner, kajal, and lipstick at a birthday party or on any light occasion. Now, it depends upon you which colour you would like to wear. 


We have discussed with you all types of fashion tips. We are sure you will like to apply these modern life tips on your next occasion. So, with this help, you will be able to create a new look and live a Fashionable Life. 

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