Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Monday, December 27th, 2021

How can you maintain your health?

Nowadays, people are highly health-conscious. They like to eat healthy food so that they can stay free from all sorts of diseases.

Tips for maintaining proper health

Due to fast life, we all become addicted to junk food and beverages. These are not good for our health. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some tips for proper maintenance of health.

Eat healthy food: As we all know healthy foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits are good for our health. We should avoid junk foods. Those are harmful to our bodies. One should avoid those. Nutritious foods are essential in our body. We should avoid oily foods and sugary items. If we can maintain this, then we will be able to survive and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Drink water: The other name of life is water. So, we should drink plenty of water to keep our body temperature normal. Now, it doesn’t mean that you will drink wine or coffee. You have to avoid those. When you wake up from your sleep then drink a glass of water. After every meal, you should drink water. Even if you are not feeling thirsty you should drink water. Moreover, instead of water, you can also drink fruit juices.

Avoid street food: Some people always depend upon street food. It is not the right thing. Eating in restaurants sometimes is fine. However, one should avoid these foods completely. If you can depend upon home food then you will have a good life.

Don’t lead a stressful life: We can understand that work pressure never gives us a chance to stay happy. The work pressure made us lead a robotic life. This stress eats up our health. We are not able to lead a happy and prosperous life only because of anxiety and tension.

Do exercise: Visiting the gym is not always possible. So, if you can do yoga and freehand exercise then it will work. Exercise helps us to keep away from an unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, exercise doesn’t mean to reduce body weight. But it helps in making us fit and fine. You can also do pranayama. It also works.

Do meditation: Meditation is another useful way to maintain your health. We can understand that workload will affect our health. So, proper meditation will definitely help us to stay happy and prosperous. You should for at least 30 minutes of walking or jogging every day. If the notion of dripping at the gym for hours on end doesn’t sound good to you, then go outside for a game and play. The important thing is that you have to move your body. Physical activity is highly recommended.

Talk with friends: Stay relaxed. Watch television or read storybooks. You can even talk with your friends and family. Investing time on mobile or computer made us unsocial. You should visit your friends and lead a social life. You will feel refreshed and energetic. This way you can also pass your time.


With the advancement of technology, we are forgetting to lead a healthy life. So, we should maintain our life in such a way that no disease can harm us.

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