Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Monday, April 5th, 2021

Which mall do you need to visit in Delhi

Delhi is the capital state of our Country India. No doubt it has many important things to visit there. Indian capital also provides a good number of shopping centers available in the city to be cherished by both the dwellers and travelers. We will discuss some of them in this article.

The bazaars of the city are mostly known for modestly priced shops, designer shops for special items, and state emporiums for their own novelty. A new concept of shopping centers gathers all these benefits under a single roof with many other amenities and benefits.

The best mall in the capital city of India is DLF Promenade. It is the most popular mall in the city not only that it is one of the biggest malls in India. The size of the place is very big. The location of the huge mall is Vasant Kunj on Nelson Mandela Road. The location is also very easy to reach. It is very much well connected by various modes of communication. It is not only a fashion destination it is also a major place for various types of entertainment. It covers a total of 4.6 lacs of sq. Ft. This mall has the largest outdoor playing area for children. There is a big game zone for teenagers & adults also where they can spend their leisure time very easily playing various types of games and activities. There is a huge open-air cafe area with a dancing fountain and the city’s largest LED screen.

All the big brands are available in DLF Promenade. Many international brands are available here. They add some special quality to the whole shopping experience. Multiplex Cinemas with seven screens & a huge food lounge add some more extra spices to the taste of the experience. Many fine dining restaurants are available in this establishment. In recent times this mall has gained many affiliations and awards. Considering all the reasons it becomes one of the must-go places in Delhi. Not only Delhi this mall is one of the best in whole India. This place offers a 360-degree shopping experience to visitors.

In this mall, there is a huge parking facility with multilevel parking slot which can accommodate nearly 2000 vehicle at a time. In this huge shopping mall, there is almost 200 retail shop available as an option for the visitors. This architecture is designed in such a way that everything that you want can be found very easily.

DLF Promenade can accommodate more than a thousand people at the same time. Not only the patrons from Delhi many people come here from outside Delhi to experience the best shopping moments and also to enjoy many other facilities which are available here. Many people come here to enjoy a day full of entertainment, food, fun with their family or friends.

Many of these characteristics promote it to the level of one of the leading malls in India. Apart from many other important visiting places in the capital city of India, this is also seeking attention to be experienced. This place is really worth visiting.

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