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Published on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

10 Best Beaches in India to Travel This Year

10 Best Beaches in India: Oh beaches! They are a place that makes for an exotic location. Most of the beaches provide a breath-taking view of water, sands, and greeneries. They do make for a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking a break from daily life and visiting any beach is automatically going to freshen up your mood.

When to visit a beach?

Beaches are always splendid to visit. Notwithstanding the season you visit, the weather is always welcoming. In India, the beaches offer sunny weather with cool breezes. Except for the intense rainy season, you can visit any time of the year.

What are the few best beaches in India?

India has around 7000 km long sea beaches with over 150 beaches across 6major states and the Andaman Islands. These beaches are unique in their own way. If you have a plan to travel to a beach, then you can check out a few of the most exotic beaches.

1. Thiruvambadi

This beach in Karnataka, India has a splendid path of black sands amongst white. The black sands are due to scorching heat from underlying radioactive minerals.

2. Gokarna

This beach offers similar serenity and spirituality to those in Goa. The fine white sands along with blue skies offer a treat to the travelers. There are many spas where you can relax.

3. Radhanagar

Radhanagar islands that are off the Havelock Island in Andaman are often listed as one of the best in India and Asia. This location offers sunbathing, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, and rainforest treks.

4. Mandarmani

Located in the south of West Bengal, Mandarmani is a virgin sea beach. The fine sands and red crabs are an alluring feast to the eyes.

5. Minicoy

Located in the southern end of Lakshadweep islands, this beach offers absolute serenity and peace. It has coral reefs too.

6. Kaup

It is another astounding beach from Karnataka which offers white, blue, and green colors. The green canopy in a white sandy beach brings lots of tourists.

7. Tarkali

Tarkali offers one of the best coral reefs to visitors who cannot afford an Andaman trip. Located in Maharashtra, this beach should, must occupy a place on your travel list.

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8. Varkala

Varkala beach in Kerala offers a splendid view of a cliff along the Arabian Sea. “White” sandy beach runs at the foot of these cliffs. The clear waters and the steep cliffs are a rare combination to find.

9. Rushikonda beach

Located in Andhra Pradesh and just a few kilometers away from Vizag, this beach has lots to offer. Adventure sport is quite common here which involves windsurfing, water skiing, and beach trekking. It is also a popular location for honeymoon couples.

10. Kanyakumari

It is often referred to as the southernmost tip of India. It has lush green paddy fields, cliffs, and a splendid view of three different seas. This is the point where the three seas meet. Located in Tamil Nadu, this place should be a must-visit.

The listed beaches are some of the best in India and are quite serene and away from the hullabaloo. If you are looking for a perfect calm holiday, these beaches can definitely lighten up your holiday. There are also various activities available at these beaches which involve water sports, treks, diving, and snorkeling.

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