Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Monday, April 5th, 2021

Top 10 places all over the world to go on solo trips

Solo travel is an idea that many people do not like and the main reason for this thinking is people who are not particularly fond of their own company. However, if you are able to stay on your own you will be able to cover much ground. Solo travellers have no need for hunting for the luggage of their fellow travellers at airports or keep waiting while their fellow travellers take a nap or go for a pee.

They can take a seat at a bar and overhear facts about a new town, or make themselves popular by cracking some good jokes. He can pick a day, any day, to sleep in.

In a nutshell, solo travellers are free. There are numerous places worldwide where nature will swallow them and where locals will embrace them. Below is a list of 10 places for taking solo trips to.

Seville in Spain

This is a place where you can do without a plan. Just venture out in the open and something is going to find you. It can be a sacred procession or an unarranged flamenco show, or several strangers witnessing the Betis game going on in any bar on La Alameda. A good challenge would be visiting when the Feria de Abril is underway.

Glacier National Park in Montana

At over a million acres having 175 mountains and a marathon maintained hiking trails of 745 miles Glacier in Montana is a vast, gorgeous obstacle course. One will get to view rabbits and chipmunks and marmots. One can also witness moose and bears.

Solo travellers will sense the immense snow-capped mountains that surround them.

Paris, France

This is the place for binging on the finest museums in the world, and nothing will spoil a wool-gathering amble or extended introspective sit. A pass for Paris’ Museum costs a mere 74 euros for six days of the entrance to 50 diverse sites. You can stay someplace central and walkable in the discreet flat. There are also plain one-room apartments for those on a budget.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is best described as a concrete jungle packed with differing personalities and intersecting travellers. Friendly Thais are going to embrace you. You’ll make friends with strangers, united just by shared experiences.

The shoreline townships of Wales

It features a number of the most striking beaches worldwide. Among them are the emerald fields of Barafundle Bay, the vibrant architectures that line the deep in Tenby, and the jagged rock cliffs oppressive.


A couple of things in Belgium make it grand for bike trips. The first is the great number of great breweries. There is over 150. Biking among the breweries is really easy.

Secondly, this is a nation that is totally bonkers for bikes. Several of its biggest celebs are specialized cyclists. There are several dedicated bike trails that run parallel to highways.

Buffalo, New York

The city is an ensemble of breweries, culture, and reinvented artefacts from its manufacturing prime. All these are fun for visiting solo. And those who are keen on being embraced into the native nightlife won’t get a better place.

The three other places that complete this list are Mexico City, Mexico, Lisbon, Portugal, and Morocco. There are several other destinations that offer simple transportation, numerous activities and relatively simple settings that make them just right for exploring on your own. You can consider the solo-friendly locations that we have listed above for your following getaway

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