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Published on Monday, April 5th, 2021

10 largest shopping malls of the world

When shopping the more expansive the shopping malls the better as they offer more of a choice of selection. The criteria for selection of the largest shopping malls in the world given below is the number of “Gross Leasable Area”.  What is this exactly? This is the number of square feet of the property for revenue-making that includes dining, retail, and amusements.

The building explosion in Asia, the continent that has the low cost of land and the low rates of cheap labor rates, has made the greatest shopping malls.

Just a couple of shopping malls given on the list are outside Asia.

New South China Mall

This shopping mall is in Dongguan, China. It is the greatest mall that exists as per the gross leasable area. This mall is characterized by seven zones. All the zones have been modeled worldwide cities. The mall also features an indoor-open-air roller coaster. However, it does not have enough customers. From the time it opened in 2005, this mall has been affected by an acute lack of occupants. A great deal of the retail areas has remained vacant.

Golden Resources Mall

Having 1.5 times the dimension of the Mall of America, this Mall in China used to be the greatest shopping mall in the world for a year between 2004 and 2005.  The developer of this mall had initially projected 50,000 shoppers daily. However, the actual number has been much smaller and has been as little as 20 hourly. One difficulty was that the rates of a good number of pieces sold were a great deal below the purchasing capacity of a good number of ordinary Chinese.


Inaugurating in 1990, this mall of eight stories in Bangkok is the greatest mall in Thailand.  The mall promoted itself as a conventional shopping center. On the 19th of May of 2017, CentralWorld was among the numerous properties that were set ablaze by anti-government demonstrators. The fire continued for a couple of days with the Zen department store collapsing in the fire. Following several months of restoration works, this shopping complex restarted on the 28th of September of 2017. 80% of the mall’s retail space was kept open for business.

SM Mall of Asia

This mall is in Metro Manila, the Philippines, and it opened in 2006 It includes four buildings joined by walkways. It is characterized by a team of 20 seats that carried shoppers all around the mall grounds. Among the key attractions of this place is the IMAX theatre that has among the world’s greatest 3D screens. This mall is also characterized by an ice skating rink of Olympic size. It is good for recreational as well as competitive figure skating.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a slice of the “BurjKhalifa complex,” which is the tallest man-made structure ever made. At above 12 million square feet, this is the greatest mall in the world as per total area but. However, the size is the same as the West Edmonton Mall as per leasable space.

The five malls that make this complete are Edmonton’s West Edmonton Mall, SM Megamall, Istanbul Cevahir, Berjaya Times Square, and Siam Paragon. All of these malls have their own features. All of them have a great built-up floor plan.

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