Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Monday, April 5th, 2021

10 signs that prove I need to change my lifestyle

Are you feeling unhappy, feeling constantly disappointed, can’t seem to find the time for yourself? These are more than understandable signs that you could do with a change in your life. Those who feel like this must act fast. There are also several signs that we live with for quite a while before we start understanding that they’re trying to state something.

Sometimes, we simply ignore them or try to convince ourselves that this is just the way that we wish our lives to be. However, deep inside us, we are aware that this is not correct.

Below is a list of hidden signs that tells me that I must change my lifestyle.

Do you feel happy when you see others happy?

How do you feel when you hear that someone you are acquainted with has met with success in an endeavor? Do you feel happy or somewhat jealous? Or do start hunting reasons for that person accomplishing that? And you arrive at the conclusion that anybody with those can accomplish the same?  Do you give that person a call for congratulating?

All of us must look at the success of others as a source of inspiration and not seek excuses as to why they could accomplish them easier.

Do you feel that the lives of others are easier?

If you wish to equate yourself with others you must try and find the ones whose lives were tougher than yours.

I must always say that everything commences from a definite point of view. After that, you’ll find several perspectives that make my life appear as simple and as lovely as it can get.

Do you find your opinion to be too frequent, unlike others?

Such a situation generally implies that you are keen on proving something.

An instance is your pals talking about somebody who’s doing something and they feel that it’s wrong. You could even feel that they’re talking about you.

You start thinking that why is it that they must have a talk about another person when you are leading a great life also. The reason could be you don’t appear as pleased as you continue trying to appear.

Do you feel that you set an excellent example?

This is a question that everybody should ask themselves every now and then. All you need to do is a quick review of your life over the last few months. You’ll find that it could make you feel excellent and fulfilled.

If it so happens that you start avoiding the answer or sense the need to explain it, it implies to you that some change in my lifestyle is necessary.

Is it that you make excuses frequently?

Making excuses too frequently is a sure sign that a change must be made.

You’re deliberately concealing something that you feel that others shouldn’t know or you lack in confidence to discuss it.

Is there someone that you can talk to…honestly?

When there is no such person you’re embarrassed or concealing something.

Everybody must have some people that they can have a sincere conversation.

Do you notice changes in your health?

If you observe health changes, apart from visiting doctors you could do well by considering how it came about.

These could be likely stress triggers that you must tackle before they get excessively tough to go back.

I am not avoiding ‘free’ time, am I?

This could be a sign that’s the toughest to make out. There are several common signs of avoiding one’s free time, an example being cleaning your household more often.

Does anyone who has a great influence on you?

The crux of this point is that I have a say in my life.

Am I growing?

For this, you must ask several questions

When you view the past 10-15 years in what ways has your life changed? Do you feel proud about all that you’ve accomplished? Do you feel happier? Do you have any plans for the 5 years to come? These are all questions that you must answer.

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