Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Monday, August 8th, 2022

How Can I Lose Weight by Making Simple Changes in my Lifestyle?

Of late, a topic that is much discussed on network news is the obesity epidemic in the USA. According to CDC, several US adults are obese or overweight. Their kids also fall in that group. Taking these numbers into consideration the thought that is likely to come to you is that a great percentage of the population is following some sort of diet.

If you think so you are spot on. 25% of the male population and 45% of the female population in the USA are following a diet. A good number of us are on a campaign to lose weight. Nevertheless, being bulky and unhealthy can have a toll on our budget. According to the American Heart Association, overweight men pay more for prescription drugs compared to normal-weight men. More studies reveal that obese and bulky grown-ups are not as productive, and can’t do as much work as fit adults. They also pay a lot more for medical care.

The good news is that there are several simple ways that we can cut down on our calorie intake, spend more of our energy, and shed weight without having to spend a fortune.  So what are these changes in my lifestyle?

Cutting calories

If you’re wondering if whether you can cut down on calories while relishing your food there are several simple ways.

  • Use Smaller Plates
  • Leave out Sodas and Juice
  • Make use of Cooking Spray
  • Leave out the Dressing
  • Trim Your Pizza
  • Have Healthy Snacks
  • Identify Your Triggers – These could be when you feel bored, miserable, or exhausted, and ahead of or following a stressful event, among other things.

Once you’re aware of when you’re most likely to do mindless eating, find out a way of stopping the behaviour or avoiding the situation.


Though cutting calories is vital, getting simple exercise could be even more vital for those who are keen on losing weight.

Experts say that a good number of grown-ups require a minimum of 30 minutes of modest exercise, five times weekly. So how can you exercise more while going about your daily routine?

  • Using an Exercise Ball during Work is helpful
  • Try to set an objective and try to achieve it
  • Take a Walk after Lunch
  • Get yourself a Push Mower – Using this sort of lawnmower is an excellent way of getting additional workouts while going about work that is a routine.
  • Joina League or Athletic Event – joining a charity run helps you get some exercise while working for a cause. You can also consider taking part in a sport. There are several other options open to you.
  • Set a fixed time for Watching TV

Quicker ways of getting More Exercise

There’re several more ways that you are able to cut and burn calories without much effort. Some examples are:

  • Not using the elevator at your office and always using the stairs.
  • Parking as far from a store or your workplace as possible
  • Not giving your colleagues a call and walking down to their offices for talking
  • While using public transportation, getting down a stop before and walking the remaining of the way.
  • Doing pushups and situps while commercial breaks are on.

These are the changes in my lifestyle.

Statistics reveal that a good number of Americans try dieting or losing weight at some time or another. Nonetheless, concentrating on long-term fitness and health is a better way. Try making a habit of working out and eating right. You may have a hard time at first. But, with some practice, you’ll be on your way.

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