Umesh Kumar Keshri
Published on Thursday, April 8th, 2021

The most beautiful shopping malls to visit with your family

All of us have heard of malls. The regular mall will most likely be a place where you are able to do some shopping, enjoy some snacks and enjoy a movie. On the other hand, there are malls that cannot be termed as average. These are the best malls for visiting with your family.

All such malls feature a great range of options for shopping, entertainment, and banqueting. These malls have zoos, indoor theme parks, ski trails, science centers, wave pools, and other features.

Below is a list of several such malls.

West Edmonton Mall

This is an astonishing mall that has 800 stores, various eateries and food stand, a haunted house, themed areas, a 3-D cool house, and the greatest covered triple-loop roller coaster. Some of the other features include:

  • A small golf course
  • An amusement park
  • The greatest indoor water park worldwide
  • An indoor lake featuring live sea lions, nightclub
  • A shooting range
  • A petting zoo
  • Aregularmodel of the Santa Maria
  • Cinemas
  • A hotel
  • Radio stations

The Mall of America

This shopping destination in Minnesota is characterized by 4.2 million sq. ft. of retail space. It features over 400 stores, a wedding chapel, a theme park, a cinema, a comedy club, a small golf course, a marriage chapel, an aquarium, and flight simulators.

All of these interesting features make it a great shopping mall to visit with your family. The fact that it enjoys a greater number of visitors in a year compared to any other mall is a testimony to this.

The Dubai Mall

This massive shopping mall has 1,200 retail stores and above a hundred eateries besides a great range of entertainment options. Several of its prominent attractions are:

  • Children’s entertainment center
  • Indoor theme park
  • A great film theatre
  • The Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre

Asia’s SM Mall

This mall in the Philippines boasts 4.2 million sq. Ft.of space. Its great range of stores and eateries and a dazzling selection of options for entertainment make it a great place for visiting with your family.

Its popular attractions consist of:

  • A skating rink
  • A multi-story IMAX monitor, and
  • The Nido stamped Science Discovery Center

Mall of the Emirates

This attraction in Dubai can be stated as a place of entertainment cum a shopping center. It features over 450 stores. Among its attractions are an enclosed ski park, games, rides, a great community theater, a cinema, and an art gallery.

The Galleria

Among the biggest tourist attractions in Houston, this shopping center draws over 24 million guests in a year. Besides a blend of upscale and discreetly priced retail stores, it features

  • Quite a few eateries
  • A couple of large hotels
  • An enclosed indoor ice rink
  • A jogging track

Wafi Mall

The mall has been modeled on an Egyptian pyramid. Its lavish courtyard has a pyramid, hieroglyphic-covered columns, and a great figurine of Ramses.

Other attractions of this mall are its themed areas, the various retail shops, eateries, a luxury hotel, a theme park, and a petting zoo.

Three other malls that deserve a place on this list are Siam Paragon, Honolulu’s AlaMoana Shopping Center, and Istanbul Cevahir. Guests who wish to have a respite from shopping and eating will get several options here. All these places double up as excellent entertainment destinations for your family.

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